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“Dr. Manzor is a meticulous craftsman, as well as a consummate professional. She has always provided excellent service, and is willing to “go the extra mile” to help out in a difficult or emergency situation. I am constantly amazed at how precise her work turns out, requiring no return visits for adjustment. In addition, she is one of the few dentists I have known who has the “light as a butterfly” touch. She is absolutely unflappable when confronted with the unexpected, and runs a well organized office with happy, courteous, and efficient staff. On a scale of 1 to 10 she rates an 12.”


“Dr. Manzor as well as the entire staff are terrific. I really appreciate the wonderful care and service my family and I receive.”


“Dr. Manzor is truly an artist of her craft. I have had several dentists in my adult life and Dr. Manzor and her staff are the absolute best! It’s not just their knowledge that stands them apart. I believe it’s the genuine caring family atmosphere that truly separates Dr. Manzor’s office from everyone else. If you are tired of the “volume practices” where you are treated like a number then I would recommend Dr. Manzor and her highly capable and talented staff. Dr. Manzor will surely be your dentist for a lifetime of healthy and lasting smiles.”


“We had an awesome experience at your Dental office….Truthfully when we left …we looked at each other in disbelief…We had beautiful clean teeth…along with royal treatment…I have never in my life experienced the type of attention we were given….Cheers to you and your staff…You’re the BEST!!!”


“My name is Bernardina Enza Cervi, I am 48 years old and have always had top of the line dental insurance. When I was about 5 years old I had a very traumatic ordeal with a dentist who had no concern for a 5 year old child. I never forgot that day and every time I went to a dentist I relived the entire experience.

A couple months ago I was stuck in traffic; I saw a sign, “Maria Elena Manzor DDS”. I didn’t write her name but the initials “MEM” stayed with me. I had been thinking about changing my dentist, even though I had been going to her for approximately 30 years. A few days later I was on the internet and I thought about the initials “MEM”. I found her website, read not even an entire paragraph, saw Dr. Maria’s photo, called her office and then made an appointment.

Dr. Maria is a God sent dentist. She has so much concern and patience. She treated me, a scared and fearful 48 year old woman like an old lifetime friend. Dr. Maria and her staff are not only professional, but they caring, friendly, and understanding to all of my needs.
My next appointment I was scared as usual but I felt confident enough to bring my 13 year old daughter and my 73 year old mother. My son-in-law is now also Dr. Maria’s patient and soon my father will be as well.

Yes I am still a bit nervous when I walk into the dentist office, but a traumatic ordeal for a 5 year old does not go away easily. Dr. Maria is wonderful! She understands my needs and does everything she can do to make my visits as comfortable as possible.
I thank the day I was stuck in a traffic jam and saw “MEM”. Thank you Dr. Maria, you are a God sent angel dentist. Your staff is just as caring and wonderful.”


"Dr. Manzor is in-frickin-credible. You know when you meet someone and it’s apparent right away that they are doing what they were meant to do? That’s Manzor. She is an artist of dentistry. Verging on the insane side of attention to detail. If you want your teeth to be *perfect* seek out the Manzor.

Her whole staff is great too. Julie and Kim run the front desk and are always chatty and happy. The hygienists Cheryl and Debbie are both fantastic."


"Prior to my first visit to Dr. Manzor, I’d always felt that I was somehow in the dark about the state of my dental health. With other dentists, it was always, “We need to do this and this, and sign here.” Not so with Dr. Manzor and her staff. She took the time to explain what was going on with me, presented options and helped me choose the best ones. The degree of care I experience with her as my dentist is outstanding, and I’m now better educated about my dental health than ever. Add to that the welcome and friendly atmosphere in the office and the lengths the entire staff goes to to ensure my comfort and I know I couldn’t possibly be in better hands."


"My name is Cathy Good and I am from Royal Oak, MI. I have been bringing my 16 year old daughter to “Dr. Maria” since she was 3! Dr. Manzor practiced in Royal Oak when we started with her and we followed her to Warren. The drive is a little hectic…but well worth the effort. When my dentist retired, I also started using Dr. Manzor. We are “over the moon” happy with our dental care. Dr. Maria is amazing and her staff is as well! You can look me up and contact me if you have any questions about Dr. Maria or her staff! My daughter and I can’t say enough good things!"


"Dr. Maria is the most caring professional I have ever encountered. I have a multitude of problems with my teeth. Dr. Maria has worked tirelessly to help me overcome my challenges. I was truly blessed the day Dr. Maria first helped me. She has spent hours and hours with me to provide me with an education about my situation, to make me as comfortable as possible, and to gain my trust.

Not only has Dr. Maria cared about me, but she has come to my first grade classroom to teach my children about proper dental care. The children loved her! Dr. Maria is so generous with her time.

When I enter her office, I am comfortable. Kim has become my friend, helping me make decisions about the proper action to take with the long term care of my teeth.

And then there is Mary. Mary has held my hand through a wide variety of complicated procedures, offering compassion and genuine care to calm and comfort me. I love Mary.

Dr. Maria is my hero. She treats without judgment. She continually updates her knowledge base. And most of all, Dr. Maria cares. "


"A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have. And because of you, I can’t stop smiling!! LOL. I’m blessed to have found you, and pray I’ll be with you for a very long time!!! The words “Thank You” will never be enough!!! =)"


"I don’t have insurance, and I wasn’t happy with my old dentist. His prices continued to climb, while his services continued to slip.The first time I met Dr. Manzor was when I used a Groupon coupon to have my teeth cleaned and xrayed cheap. Even though I knew I needed some dental work, I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money for the cleaning until I found a new dentist. We let me tell you. I DID. Dr. Manzor and her staff are the best I have seen in my 68 years. The close attention to detail, and their never ending concern for my personal well being, is literally non existent in today’s fast track world. How many dentists have personally called you at home to check up on ther work they had done in the last day or two. Both Dr. Manzor and her staff do this regularlly. In my opinion, Dr. Manzor’s calming demeanor is perfect for young chi"


"Outstanding dentist office from front desk to Dr. Manzor herself. My son was so insistant on not going the dentist but had never had his teeth check, ran for the door when we got there. Within 15 minutes this amazing staff had him in the chair w/sunglasses on and actually let them in his mouth and even using Mr. Thirsty. He loved it! A very friendly and professional office. I cannot recommend them enough. The best dentist office I have ever been to! You must give them a try."


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